Por Sonia García

Agreements such as establishing a minimum world wage, eliminating the foreign debt of third world countries, considering the situation of indigenous people in any international agreements and giving human rights a priority in any kind of negotiation among countries, were the main consensus reached by the participating organizations at the Foreign Direct Investment and Trade tent, in the Global Forum: Financing for the Right to Sustainable and Equitable Development.

A sixty point document gathers the proposals presented in the Foreign Direct Investment round table during that the three days of work analyzed the suggestions that civil society will be presented to the International Conference: Financing for Development.

These proposals will be put together along with those of the five round tables that also took place during the Forum, to create a general consensus of the international civil society that looks towards a better distribution if wealth and development in the world.

Other proposals gathered in the document were: democratic mechanisms of consulting within the international financial institutions that also include national and local government, and citizens organizations; an international trade system that is just and equitable; the application of the Tobin tax to foreign capital; promoting a plebiscite to design new laws and an integral agrarian reform that guarantees the ownership of the land and also access to water, education, health, and housing.

They also mentioned the need to rehabilitate farming economies; integrating a nutrition program; asking the governments to reject the Free Trade Americas Agreement (FTAA); promoting the biodiversity law and the decisive support and systemic investment of traditional agriculture.

Representatives from the civil organizations also noted that in the agenda for discussion of the people of Latin America must have included as related subjects, the right to information, access to education, the possibility of reopening the discussions on the free trade agreements that have not been honored and the transmission of structural messages of international importance.

Some of the points that were reiterated are that citizens organizations should work in a more consistent way, that interrelation and communication among non governmental organizations is encouraged, and strengthening and promoting plurisectorial and plurinational organizations. They also plan working together to denounce violations of human rights in the world and look for support in taking them to the Inter American Human Rights Tribunal.

Finally they insisted that the committed of the developed countries to destine 0.7 percent of their Gross National Product has not been honored and the fulfillment of which should be demanded.

Translated by Livia Olvera-Snyder and Sarah Stuteville

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