Inicio Respectful climate for ideas promises Nuevo Leon governor

Respectful climate for ideas promises Nuevo Leon governor

Por Rafael Maya

Nuevo Leon governor reiterates the commitment that his administration will respect the human rights of the street demonstrators that disagree with the International Conference: Financing for Development (FfD), and he trusts that a respectful climate for all ideas will prevail.

After attending the inauguration of the Global Forum: Financing for the right to Sustainable and Equitable Development taking place at the Fundidora Park in Monterrey, the state executive said that he is sure that the during the demonstrations and the previous and parallel forums, there will prevail “an aggressive climate for ideas, but it will be constructive for building a better world, a goal we all agree on”.

Canales Clariond said that he supports the proposals of the Global Forum regarding the demand that governments must implement effective mechanisms to eradicate poverty promote development and the granting of world peace.

Fundidora Park site of the Global Forum, was until May 10th 1986, the Monterrey Steel Mill. Over twelve thousand families were victims of both exploitation at the hands of businessmen and the neoliberal economic model after the mill closed, Jesus Medellin ex-worker, recalled at the inauguration.

“Thousands of workers from the Monterrey Steel Mill, founded at the beginning of the last century, were laid off without compensation, harassed, and accused of being communist and lazy as a consequence of the privatizing processes, the corruption, and the structural and political adjustments at the service of major capital”, he accused.

Medellin spoke in memory of hundreds of workers that were scalded, electrocuted, or died in work related accidents provoked by exploitive conditions and who were never compensated by the company.

In the name of the ex-workers Medellin supported citizens initiatives towards eradicating an economic policy that keeps 40 million people poor only in Mexico, he invited people “to construct a system of fair social politics, without exploitation and in favor of the people, not the government.”

Finally he proposed that in three of the fourteen hectares, that now constitute Fundidora Park, there be a museum in memory of the ex-workers administered by civil society.

Translated by Livia Olvera Snyder and Sarah Stuteville

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